Creating mock-ups, models and maquettes

For your movie production, or the addition of a unique visual style to specific scenes.

Creating tailored models

When creating models and maquettes, our team always makes sure that every detail is in accordance with the wants and needs of our clients. It is exactly for that reason that we choose adequate materials (Epoxid, wood, polystyrene and Acrystal) and methods of procedure (CNC cutter, 3D printing and hand modelling). All we need from you is to present your project ideas and we will handle the rest.

Practical movie effects

The use of practical effects and hand-crafted models is sure to provide in today’s era of digital special effects and 3D worlds a unique and impactful atmosphere and soul in any movie. Whether you are working on a retro movie or you want to add a unique visual style to specific scenes, our experienced team will not disappoint.

Výroba makiet - BVS
Výroba makiet - BVS Sihoť 2

Amaze your customer

The use of models, maquettes and practical effects in marketing serves as a great way of uniquely showcasing your products and differentiating yourself from the competition. They also give your marketing campaign a bit of an artistic soul.r

Touch history

The use of models in reconstructions of historical locations and buildings can give your visitors a unique opportunity to come into closer contact with history in a simple yet effective manner. They also serve as great educational tools when explaining individual facts about historical buildings, because they allow for free manipulation and can be viewed from any angle.

Výroba makiet - BVS Vodojem