Lease of 3D hardware

All you need to realise your ideas

3D Televízor

3D TVs - with or without glasses

If you need to present your ideas in a modern and unique manner but you prefer a more compact event, then we can help you by providing 3D LCDs, 3D plasmas and 3D LED panels. Modern 3D LCD televisions give you the ability to present your ideas or products to your target audience without the necessity of using 3D glasses, which significantly increases the flexibility and ease of presentation without hindering the quality.

3D cinema advertising

It can sometimes be a bit difficult to make your ideas and products stand out In the current world of marketing. By using 3D cinema ads you will not only gain increased attention by immersing the audience, but you will also have the chance to surprise and impress them by using modern 3D technology in a creative manner, thus grabbing their attenching and widening your market reach.

3D Kinoreklama
3D Kino

3D Cinema

Sometimes standard ways of presenting simply aren't good enough. In such cases we can transform your old presentation room into a 3D cinema, which can serve as a great way of showcasing creative presentations, 3D movies, 3D apps and games. Apart from the hardware, we will also provide you with 3D glasses, so that you can fully focus on your ideas and presentation topics, which will interest the audience.

Portable 3D Cinema

Do you want to present your ideas in an impressive fashion, but you lack the necessary facilities? Our team can help you by providing tailored 3D cinemas and the necessary hardware for sale or rent. It is a great choice when it comes to work or music events and simpler project presentations.

Mobilné 3D Kino
3D Spätná Projekcia

3D Back projection

If you want to showcase your ideas to your audience in a more up-close manner, 3D back projection is an excellent choice. It is composed of a canvas and a projector, which projects the given 3D presentation from the back of the canvas. This allows the member of the audience to get into direct contact with your idea and he won't be distracted by any shadows.

3D Cave

One of the best ways to almost completely immerse viewers into a 3D projection is the use of a 3D cave. Thanks to cutting edge 3D projection technology and an extremely high resolution, we are able to transport multiple visitors into the same virtual world. Whether you need a partial enclosing (four or five projection screens) or complete enclosing (six projection screens), we will provide you with an unrivalled way of entering into the 3D world.

3D Cave