Virtual reality

A new dimension of project visualisation

Virtuálna realita

Turn ideas into reality with Oculus and HTC VIVE

We will help you realise and promote your projects, ideas and products with the most modern and innovative technology of our age. We will breathe life into your ideas with the help of reliable devices, such as Oculus and HTC VIVE.

Explore technological facilities

Bôrik reservoir - with its capacity of 48,000 m3 is one of the largest reservoirs in Slovakia.

Oculus Vive

VR Presentations

We will give your ideas a deeper sense of depth by combining an open world 3D environment with a sound system, which is able to identify your exact location. This gives you and your target audience a new perspective on your projects.

VR world of gaming

Virtual reality provides a creative outlet, which was unheard up until recently. The ability to create 3D worlds, interactive objects and environments removed all limitations apart from your creativity. Leave the rest to us.

VR Hry

Size of the project doesn't matter

From simple interactive objects, all the way to spacious technological complexes and digital archeology. Thanks to our years of experience, we can simulate any environment and conditions that you may wish for.