Virtual tours development

Reconstruction of historic buildings. Interactive visualizations that digitize your ideas and move your brand to another level.

Digitising archeology - Walk through history

We specialise in creating digital reconstructions of historical locations, buildings and allowing people to freely explore them in a virtual environment. Such digital tours present a great opportunity to learn about the history of specific institutions and locations.

Prezentácia na zariadeniach

Hardware isn't a limit

To be able to fully realise your creative and marketing ideas, you need adequate access to devices, which would allow you to present them. Our team will provide you with the opportunity to either buy or rent all necessary hardware, be it tablets, smartphones, kiosks or projectors.

Cross-platform applications

By creating your products and ideas in a 3D environment, we will be giving you the ability to create a fully 3D marketing campaign. Whether you work in academia, architecture, the automotive, pharmaceutical, beauty or any other industry, our team will give you a new dimension of market reach. Gain the interest of customers on IOS, Android, Mac OS and Windows.

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Present yourself

An integral part of any marketing campaign is the ability to present your products and ideas in an effective and impressive manner. Thanks to modern 3D digitisation and visualisation processes, we will be able to provide you with top quality tailored virtual presentations.

Digitising future science

One of our focuses is the creations of biochemical visualisations for medical purposes. Whether you are launching the production of a new medication or focusing on already known products, we will create an exact digitised 3D representation based on your wishes and specifications.

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Inform the public

We specialise in creating digital reconstructions of historical and industrial buildings and locations with the ability to freely navigate and explore them in a 3D environment. These digital tours are not only a great way to learn about history and technology, they also give you an opportunity to reach younger audiences.

WebGL - applications and games for websites

We can create interactive WebGL presentations, apps and games for your website to impress any visitors.

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